Batter Off Dead –
Country Store Mystery #10

No Grater Crime –
Country Store Mystery #9

The Country Store Mysteries feature Robbie Jordan and Pans ‘N Pancakes, her country store restaurant in fictional South Lick, Indiana. Edith Maxwell writes this series as Maddie Day.

No Grater Crime book cover

In Batter Off Dead (February, 2022), fine foods and classic cookware can be found at Robbie Jordan’s Pans ’N Pancakes. Unfortunately, her country store also seems to stock up on murder . . .

Robbie and her new husband Abe O’Neill are enjoying a summer evening in the park with fellow townsfolk excited for some Friday night fireworks. In attendance are senior residents from Jupiter Springs Assisted Living including Roy Bird, father to South Lick’s very own Police Lieutenant Buck Bird. Despite his blindness, Roy is a member of his group home’s knitting circle, spending quality time with some lovely ladies.

But when the lightshow ends, one of the knitters who sat with Roy is found dead, a puncture wound in her neck. The poor woman’s death echoes that of Buck’s mother and Roy’s wife—an unsolved homicide. To help find the killer, Robbie’s going to have to untangle the knotty relationships deep in the victim’s past . . .


Reviews of Maddie Day’s Batter Off Dead

Her strong descriptive voice helps the reader feel like they’re right alongside Robbie, from friends gathering together, to the wicked heat, to the delicious food served at Robbie’s café.

Kim Davis, Cinammon and Sugar and a Little Bit of Murder

I love this series so much! I’ve never been to Cape Cod, but this series makes me want to go. I want to rent a bike from Mac, have lobster rolls with Tulia, sneak in something sweet at Gin’s, take a lighthouse tour with Derrick and Cokey, and enjoy B’s and B’s at Tim’s bakery. And help solve a mystery or two! Highly recommend!!

Goodreads reviewer


Every Country Store Mystery includes recipes at the back, of dishes Robbie either offers in the restaurant or for something she has eaten elsewhere. One or more of the recipes mentioned in this book have appeared as guest blog posts at the following links: