A Case for the Ladies

by Maddie Day

A Case for the Ladies

by Maddie Day

This Dot and Amelia Mystery is a novel of suspense that brings a pre-fame Amelia Earhart to life for fans of Rhys Bowen’s The Venice Sketchbook, Victoria Thompson’s Counterfeit Lady series, and Susanna Calkins’s Speakeasy Mysteries.

Releases March 12, 2024.

A Case for the Ladies by Maddie Day book cover

Amid Prohibition, Irish gangs, the KKK, and rampant mistreatment of immigrant women, intrepid private investigator Dorothy Henderson and her pal Amelia Earhart seek justice for several murdered young women in 1926 Boston. As tensions mount, the sleuths, along with their reporter friend Jeanette Colby, experience their own mistreatment at the hands of society and wonder who they can really trust.

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Reviews of Maddie Day’s A Case for the Ladies

Edith Maxwell brings the light and shadow of prohibition-era Boston to life through the story of three determined young women seeking justice. The crime, historical detail, and engaging characters make for a compelling read.

Dianne Freeman

Author of the award-winning Countess of Harleigh mysteries.

This book is a triumph on so many levels! From the excitement of our foremothers stepping out of their traditional roles, to the exhilaration of early plane flight, to tackling tough subjects such as immigration, bigotry, and crime gang rivalries in 1920s Boston, Maddie Day paints a stunning portrait of one of America’s most dynamic periods.

Alyssa Maxwell

Author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries